Discover the unique and innovative power of 3D cloud contents
marketing to engage and retain your clients



Make more informed purchasing decision and personalize your shopping experience by taking advantage of our VR/AR content marketing platform and have the opportunity to 'try-before-you-buy' your furniture and accessories at no risk. Get an accurate impression of what the products will look like in your space and get access to large variety of high-quality 3D and true-to-scale models of branded products from different suppliers at competitive prices without leaving the comfort of your space.

VR Product Experience

Try, arrange and visualize your furniture in your space before purchasing it at no cost. Explore all available designs & options remotely in impressive Virtual Reality.

Product Evaluation

If after examining the products for yourself you are still in doubt of the quality or use then evaluation and opinions of others can come in handy. Our community reviews provides a chance to measure and evaluate the quality of products sold on the platform.

Product Variety

House3D Platform provides you the opportunity to sample as many products as you want with access to a large variety of branded products from different suppliers at competitive prices your choices are limitless.


Manufacturers & Suppliers

If you are looking for the best way to engage, entertain and retain your clients, House3D provides you with the ideal platform to effectively showcase and promote your products visually and interactively. Take advantage of the seamless integration House3D has provided between designing, visualization and purchasing of products before they go into actual production which ensures that your clients are kept updated and satisfied.


House3D 3D/VR/AR interactive application makes product promotions intuitive entertaining and more attractive thereby stimulating a higher shopping demand.

Sales Channel

House3D Content and Sales management Platform and customer care services provide a vendor with an effective and interactive channel to network and connect with customers remotely in real time.

Potential Clients

Joining the House3D Platform exposes you to as many Clients and designers already on it and also to those that would continue to join the platform. That provides the supplier with a wide network of potential clients and users.