Produce Amazing & Immersive Rendering of your 3D Designs in 2D and 720 ° Panorama.

Supports video output and VR-Showroom.


Real-Time 3D Cloud Rendering

Create a photorealistic and immersive render of your design and bring it to life with our robust hi-speed hi-performance Cloud Rendering Technology. Our efficient real-time rendering solution not only saves you invaluable hours of design time but enables you to deliver high-quality impressive renderings 10-50 times faster than the traditional rendering technology on the desktop by organizing and allocating resources in the shortest possible time. Maximum render time per Scene is about 15 minutes for a high-quality high-resolution rendering result. Rendering at your workstation? use ours instead and eliminate the need to invest in dedicated high-speed computers. House3D got you covered.




Pre-Rendering Settings

Getting the right rendering settings is crucial in producing a clear crips scene, but it can sometimes be complicated which can Make or Mar the output of your design. But no worries Housed3D got you covered. Our users don't need any special knowledge on advanced lighting and effects or require any tutorial before churning out mind-blowing scenes. All required settings can be selected from a single pre-settings panel that is well laid out in layman terms. You can simply choose from a variety of Modes, Resolutions, Scenes, Views, Aspect ratio and Cut-dept to meet your specific needs and allow House3D do the rest for you. We provide you with several rendering options in 2D, Bird's Eye view, 720° Panorama using SD, HD, Full HD, 2K or 4K Resolutions.



Post-Rendering Editor

Done with Rendering and still need to adjust your scene or provide alternatives models for your client? with House3D you don't have to render that scene again or render a scene multiple times using the different models. House3D Supports editing images right within the design application. With our VR showroom feature, you can select variants while designing and easily swap them in the rendered scene all within the environment of our application.

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