Bridging the gap between Companies, Designers and their Clients


Interactive Marketing Channels

Leverage on our interactive multi-channel contents marketing platform to effectively showcase and share your models and designs seamlessly via the internet in 3D / VR / AR. House3D brings the designers, companies and the clients together and creates an environment where they can interactively conduct reviews and share ideas for optimum results. Manufacturers keep their showroom updated for the designers while the designers ensure they stay in touch with their Client at all times.


Cloud Storage & 3D Modeling Services

Design, Save, Share and Collaborate conveniently and seamlessly on our Cloud Servers and save the cost of investing in storage infrastructure. House3D provides you with a personalized space where you can upload, store and organise your projects, models and textures. Create and customize models and textures or allow our partner companies and designers help you out and have them uploaded via your personalized  "My Space" dashboard for your use. 

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