Visual & Easy To Use
Design Tools


Floor Plan Design

With a few clicks, anyone can create and edit floor plans, install windows, doors and other structural components by simply dragging them in from the library and instantly have her design visualized in an impressive 3D view.


Home Accessories & Placement

Furnish and decorate your design with real and available products of branded companies and bring your home design ideas to life. Our smart Drag, Drop and Delete features affords you the opportunity to choose and determine a suitable location for your furniture and accessories after which you can have a 3D interactive Walkthrough of your design to get a real sense of the space.


Cloud Rendering

Create photorealistic renders and bring your design to life with our high-speed, high-performance Cloud Rendering technology and be guaranteed of a crisp clear high-resolution render output that can be viewed instantly in Virtual reality with our 720° VR- Player.

Improved Output Efficiency
& Enhanced Design Experience

Design Faster

Reduce Design time up to 90% by taking advantage of our 500,000 +3D models & 10,000+ design templates available in our library. Simply Browse-Select-Drag & Drop.

Innovative Design

Experience Innovation by directly purchasing and using branded furniture and accessories that are models of actual products sold in the market.

3D/VR Cloud Rendering

Achieve High-Quality Rendering in few minutes with our cutting-edge Cloud Rendering technology to create SD or 720 Panorama. Rendered images can be viewed and shared seamlessly via the Internet.

Impressive Design Templates

House3D Design Application

  • Extremely light, less than 50MB
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS Operating Systems